Top 25 Part Time Jobs From Home in Your City Online & Offline Both

Top 25 Part Time Jobs From Home in Your City Online & Offline Both

There are many part time jobs from home available in your city that can be done online as well as offline. Whether you live in a metropolitan city or any other city you can find variety of offline as well as online part time jobs in your city. Whether you are a student looking to pay school/college fee, a home maker want to earn extra income from home, an unemployed or even if you working in a government company, you will find a part time job opportunity for you. part time jobs It really does not matter whether the part time job is online or offline but most of these part time jobs can be done from home. Top 10 Part Time Jobs from Home I am going to discuss first about 10 part time options that can be done online & then I will show you 15 offline part time jobs. If your only aim in this part time work is to earn some extra income then I will highly recommend to go for online option because you have the flexibility of working in your own convenience and most of these online jobs can earn you better than than any part time office job.

1. Get paid to click ads

Can you imagine, you can get paid for just clicking & viewing the ads. There are many companies where we can join & can earn money simply checking and clicking the ads. Before you think, I have gone crazy then check one of the recent payment proof from one of the company- Although many sites claim they will pay you for clicking the ads but don’t join all of them because there are very few sites where you can actually earn money from clicking & reading the ads. I will send you the list of all the genuine sites when you signup here. Don’t worry, its absolutely free.

2. Online Surveys

Similar to above, there is another way you can earn money in part time, i.e. by giving your opinion on number of products or services. This is called as paid online surveys. Surveys are an important part of any business to check what people like and how they can improve their product. They take your opinion on number of things and they pay you for the time you spend on completing the surveys. Again, you can find hundreds of sites for online surveys but few of them are trusted. You can signup to get the list.

3. Blogging

This is my most favourite way to make money online. Although I am doing this full time, but you can do it part time. I am working full time with my husband Pritam and we are making our living out of this. There are number of ways you can earn from blogging but one of the most simple way is Google AdSense. Google places the ads on your blog and when the visitors of your site clicks on the ads, you’ll get paid. You can check how we earned Rs. 20 Lacs in 2013 from AdSense by working full time. Although its not that simple as above 2 but you are ready to put hard work then you can really earn good money even by working part time. We have created one of the best training material for this which you can download after signup.

4. Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you become the partner of a website and then promote the products of that company through your affiliate link provided by the company. This is going to become a huge hit in future because online shopping is growing like anything. There are already thousands of affiliate on Indian shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart etc. where people make small to big money. We will show you some of the best methods of becoming affiliates & promoting the product through our Affiliate marketing training. Don’t worry, we’ll not ask any money.

5. Designing Website

If you have knowledge of programming language and web designing software then you can create websites for your client online. If you free time you can design a website and make money. Later, you can expand make it a full time job.

6. Ad Posting

You have to post ad content to various websites. The exact and complete information would be given by the company for which you are posting ads. It is also an easy way to make money online.