7. YouTube Video Making

7. YouTube Video Making

Not for everyone but gives you an opportunity to ordinary people like you to become an internet celebrity & make big money.YouTube partner You need to join YouTube Partner Program and upload videos which are popular on YouTube like songs & dance videos, funny videos, tips & ideas, humorous videos etc. Your earning depends on the number of views your videos will receive. There are people who are making millions of dollars from this program. Just you need is a video recorder and a talent to impress the world.

8. eBook Writing and Podcasting

If you have passion for writing and want to publish your book and not getting any publishers then you can write an eBook, publish it online & make money. You can set price and sell online. All the technical details you will learn online.

9. Online Tutoring and Consulting

Instead tutoring offline you can do online via Skype. You get paid for every session you conduct. Later you also consult online and make it a full time profession. So these were few online business ideas to start.

10. Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing is very profitable business however you must know how to work with Adobe Photoshop. You also have to hire professional desktop publishers if you are getting customers on daily basis. You will also need an office space.

11. Food Catering Services

Here you take orders from customers for special occasions like marriage, birthdays, anniversaries etc. Food catering service is relatively cheaper than opening a restaurant or a fast food joint. You just need Rs 25,000/- to Rs 50,000/- to get started.

12. Lunch Box Delivery Service

Lunch box delivery service is where you hire men to deliver lunch boxes to people working in offices. You donât have to prepare food as you just collect the lunch boxes from an area and deliver to respective people working in offices.

13. Distributors and Dealers

Distributors sell to dealers and dealers sell directly to consumers. As a distributor you will buy products from a company and sell it to dealers. You need a warehouse and transportation for receiving and delivering goods to several dealers. Invest Rs 4 to 5 Lacs.